Rapid transformation projects for B2B digital marketing teams.

What are Sprint Labs?

Digital transformation. Agile marketing. CX. All buzz phrases all too readily bandied about board rooms and marketing departments across the world. In reality, what do they mean?
OK, here’s our version. To use digital ‘stuff’ (emails, automation, apps, websites, analytics, etc) to rapidly develop (maximum 8 weeks) fantastic experiences for customers and prospects that iteratively move a B2B brand forward.

Digital projects needn’t be weighed down in stakeholder politics, long lead times and big price tags. Quick-fire, agile and focussed development can see you deliver game changing results in 6-8 weeks without breaking the bank (or your will to live).

The team @ LEWIS Purestone have been at the forefront of digital in B2B marketing for 13 years and uses its award winning creative and development teams within the Sprint Labs in order to deliver next generation projects for its clients.

How it works

We have broken the Sprint Lab down into 7 quick-fire phases. The end-to-end process takes between 6 and 8 weeks to complete.

The Why

What’s the current status quo? Persona and user problem definition, final mission statement for lab.


Lightening round of idea generation. Refine, evolve, decision.


Design concept, feedback, refinement, completion.


Information architecture, content plan, user journey, wireframes.


Design wash-through, HTML 5, CSS, Functionality Dev


User labs, A/B testing, test & learn


Alpha > Refine > Beta > Refine > Launch


Innovation and a challenger mentality are two qualities engrained within the PayPal culture that have helped it to become the leading provider in the global payments industry. This mind set saw LEWIS Purestone charged with freshening up the approach that PayPal’s business development teams were taking when they presented and engaged with prospective clients. An ideal challenge to be put through the Sprint Labs. After an 8-week process ‘PayPal Connect’ was born, an innovative and pioneering sales enablement app. Following a successful pilot launch to a select number of UK sales people the app was subsequently rolled out across the UK and EMEA.

This is a prime example of what can be achieved when you apply a focussed and agile approach with a dedicated and talented team.

“It would have taken us literally years to produce anything like Connect using traditional methods. Sprint Labs is game changing in terms of what it’s enabled. "

Mike Davies, Head of UK Sales, PayPal

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